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The transparency of the plate

The numbers don’t lie when they show the very strong growth of organic products. An increase of + 25% in certain departments. Over time, the gap is widening with conventional products: from around 14 points at the beginning of February 2020, the difference now exceeds 20 points.

However, to consume more and more organic, we will have to adapt and the use of innovation is not enough. For now, the yields are significantly lower than those of conventional and do not always meet the volumes. Obviously, we sometimes have to resort to imports which, to date, represent a little more than a quarter of organic products consumed in France.

Aware of a booming demand, Plein Jour meets new players in the sector on a daily basis. Knowing how to meet the demand for productivity, without ever sacrificing the rules of a responsible charter, nor the expectations of a more transparent base.

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